First Print


Bookseller Advert

‘Teach Yourself’ books have given themselves a new look thanks to the design agency I am currently working for, and Bookseller Magazine decided to use a Teach Yourself advert for the front cover and inside page.


My idea for the advert was to create an image of evolution between Bread into sliced bread, with the line ‘There is always room for improvement…’ This would then be compared to the new and improved Teach Yourself Books.


I was delighted when they used my idea, and Bookseller magazine is available in most news agents. The new Teach Yourself range will be out January 2010.


Here is a few thank you emails I was sent from Bookseller Magazine…


‘I am, like, totally blown away by your Bookseller cover!’


‘It’s so good it belongs in Campaign, for god’s sake.’


‘Seriously well played. It speaks so clearly, with such a sharp proposition. It’s so confident. And doesn’t it show how good type can have an impact without being MASSIVE?’


‘Bloody amazing. “Chapeau!”, as our French friends would say.’


nice of them…




2 Responses to “First Print”

  1. POPS Says:

    Oh I’m welling up… my son… my son published nationally… well done matey keep it up!

    Great blog looking forward to updates

    Spent 3 days designing new logo/namestyle for local restaurant Le Petit Bistro using Mucha drawings and illustrations and it ends up as one line of letterspaced type in Rockwell extra bold L E B I S T R O as they say sometimes less is more

  2. Timothy Says:

    More Updates!

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