Tired Journeys


Sleeping Journey

After a first week of work, i was offered the chance to head out with a few guys from the design agency where Matt is currently working. With a chance to meet some peole, i took the offer straight away. I headed on the tube to farringdon where I met Matt, Si and a few of their work collegues in a pub called ‘The Three Kings’.


The drinks began to flow (which is always a good thing in my mind) and the banter consisted women, design and Matt threatening he would drink anyone under the table. 


After many hours of drinking, we thought it would be a better/cheaper idea to head back to one of creative directors flat to continue the shits and giggles. Matt however ended up hurling outside, whilst the rest of us were in histerics. He manged to soilder on and came with us the flat.


Arriving at the flat, me, Matt Si and 2 designers whipped out the tinnies whilst recieved some serious evil looks from the other flat mates of the residence (we’d ruined their romantic night in). Matt then proceeded to lye back on the couch and try fall asleep, i thought it woud be best for him to make his way home…well try get there. The rest of us  developed of drunken states til 4am.


Me and Si left the flat feeling very delicate and headed for the bus home.


Arriving back at Simon’s house, we were joined by some of his mates and again carried on sipping back the drinks. 6am rolled on and time for bed, well for me anyways. I made my way to Bow Lane which was closed and eventually found a open tube station. Swaying on each train (due to my alcohol intake) i thought it would best to sit down.


Bang bang bang on the train window. I was awoken from a deep sleep in Cockfosters by a fairly angry train warden. ‘Don’t worry i’ll just go back’. I’d missed my stop by three. Getting back to Wood Green i nipped in the shop for a bit of bread and headed home back to bed. 


On the whole a pretty good first week and first night out.




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