Copy Cat



One Saturday afternoon Alex and I decided that we needed a hair cut as our hair was looking a little over grown. I suggested that we should go to “Chris’s” our local barbers, Alex agreed and we headed on our way.

We arrived and sat down awaiting to be served, the barber came across and asked “who’s first?” I quickly answered “Alex you go first” because if Alex looked like he’d just had a bowl round his head, I was off! Alex told the barber he would like “a number three around the sides and short on top”.

Then a second barber entered and asked me to sit down, “how would you like it?” I replied “ I spike my hair from the front to the back of my head so I’d like about a centimeter off the back and front then I would like it short on the sides”. He replied “ok” and stared. 30 minutes later, these were the final outcomes.

We didn’t intend to both come out looking like the proclaimers.


One Response to “Copy Cat”

  1. Alex Says:

    I look like ive had a stroke

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