My placement so far (The Partners and Honey)


I have now been working for 5 weeks in total. Last friday I finished my 4 week placement at The Partners and now I am working at Honey creative in Finsbury Park! The Partners was my first paid job ever, and therefore took me some time to get used to the pace of working life! Early mornings are your first obstacle, then the dog fight to get on the circle line is another! Still it’s all part of the London experience!

The Partners stand as the highest ranked agency in Design Week’s creativity league table and only second to Apple Inc over all! So it was an honour to work for a company like that! The people there were exceptionaltly friendly, everybody spoke to me like any other designer, from the Receptionist Elsie to Greg the Creative Partner. That made me feel at home straight away!

Every Monday each floor have breakfast together where we talk about our weekend and then told the weeks schedule. Then on a Friday at 5.30 everybody in the company goes down to reception for the ‘2 C’s’ (The Crossed Cow) where there are weekly presentations.

For instance there is the ‘If I had one wish’ presentaton where somebody answers the question ‘If I had one wish’ and then nominates somebody to do the next week!

Some answers to this were,

‘to never have to sleep’, ‘to be treated like a baby’ and ‘to know everything!’

Also for two weeks there was the Black Swan questions… this was read out by the CEO and the prize if answered correctly, £20!  Black Swan questions we set up for the designers to think more laterally..for instance:

Complete the sequence, 2,4,8…… The Answer?

2,4,8,2… its a phone number not a mathematically sequence!

The second week the question was:

I have 71p in my pocket in three coins, one of them isnt a penny! The Answer? 50p, 20p and ANOTHER coin is a penny!

I got this correct (with some help from a TV show I had previously seen) and won £20 off the CEO, I have yet to decide if this will hinder my potential job opportunities later down the road! (Black Swan was no longer apart of 2 C’s after this)

I did various things at The Partners working on around 5 projects overall.

  • I spent 2 days spraying as many small random objects around the studio bright red.
  • I did quite a bit of image searching.
  • Spent a day cutting out and gluing things on mountboard for a presentation.
  • Did research and image manipulation for a well known mortgage company and a well known bank.
  • And in my last week I made up a Powerpoint for a  charity project,

The highlight perhaps was walking to an astro-turf complex to take photos for a charity 5 a side fundraiser and coming up with some of the ideas for chants, here is how there final thing looked.

I enjoyed my time at The Partners, the highlight being meeting new people and having the experience of working at such a well known company on big jobs. What surprised me the most was even though there are 40+ people working there, everybody got on well creating a great atmosphere at get togethers! And if that wasn’t enough Chad The Partners dog made several appearances during my time their! Legendary!!

Now I am at Honey Creative who do mostly packaging which is something I really enjoy doing, already I have photographed their Tesco packaging for their portfolio and worked on sitemaps for a website! Hopefully there will be more to come over the next month or so!!

Here are some photos of my time at The Partners!


One Response to “My placement so far (The Partners and Honey)”

  1. andy b Says:

    Hello matey just read your partners experience. Sounds interesting. Hope you are all well and enjoying london



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