Future City


Whilst working at my last placement there was a talk by a man from Future City.

The idea of Future City is to take architectural projects and create an artistic/cultural spin on the initial plans! i.e. A new office development or sculpture!

The interesting part about the talk was how little money is set aside for art projects in new builds, perhaps just enough for a ‘bronze tortoise’ and not much else. He explained if a project is given a small art budget  why not look into other areas of the buildings developments. I.e. the lighting budget or the glazing budget and could make the whole building beautiful.

They also create projects and competitions for students and artists to have the opportunity to create a piece of art for a building or community area!

Perhaps one of their more famous collaboration is the Ebbsfleet landmark project the ‘White Horse’

I found the talk particularly interesting because of who I was with, sitting watching the presentation and hearing what professional graphic designers felt about their work and any queries they had was great. And I really liked the philosophy of the company, showing how some architectural projects can be transformed into art pieces! I recommend checking out their website here


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