Honey a few weeks on….


So we havent posted much ‘placement’ stuff on here for a while! I figured Id bore you with where I am upto so far!

As I said before Im working at Honey at the moment until Christmas! Honey are a primarily packaging company having worked with Harrods and now Tesco, and some other well known companies as well.

I started there on the 12th October and have now been there 2 full weeks (having taken some time off inbetween) and once again have learnt so much already! It was interesting going from The Partners to Honey who are a relatively new company! But for me this has worked out better and there are many things I like about working there.

I have a massive interest in packaging so working there is great! Theres a fantastic feel about the studio…and the variation in work I have been asked to do is constantly giving me new challenges. On my first day I photographed some of their Tesco packaging making Before & After portfolio pages, then I created a site map in illustrator, which I hadnt done before…but great to learn! Erm also I have done a fair bit of photoshopping which I love, many amendments to audits, a shop visit and the past week I have been doing some more spray painting for a visual for a client! Whether I have been doing these things well or not isnt for me to say! But ive always been busy! Never had to sit twiddling my thumbs….and they have made me feel really really welcome and apart of the team! I couldnt have asked for more!

So thats where I am so far! I will keep u posted in a few weeks!

Here is Honeys website

If your in Tesco check out their Ken Hom Chinese ready meals that they have just released and had good sales! And also they have just rebranded alot of the Jams amongst many other things so have a goose at what they have done!


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