We shoulda done more with our Saturdays…but….


When we moved in together in September, it coincided with the start of X-Factor…
So as we didnt have much else to do we set up a sweepstake, each of us picked 3 finalists out a hat and made a little chart….
Matty was first to lose one….I was second and it went on!

We’ve stuck to our sweepstake over the weeks showing a level of enthusiasm even we couldnt have imagined….it got serious!
This weekend was the final, it came down to Matt and Benny who each had a finalist! One had Joe…one had Olly….

And £10 was riding on it!

Anyway I made a little video of the final night on iMovie (Should have used Premiere)
See who won the tenner….and modestly celebrated…



2 Responses to “We shoulda done more with our Saturdays…but….”

  1. Jon Says:

    don’t worry folks, coming from Bolton he probably hasn’t seen a tenner before. Great site, well done

  2. andy b Says:

    Brilliant..that was very funny indeed.

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