T-table transfer


So secret santa is coming up in work and everybody has to make their present ‘personal’. I was given Kieran, and I found this book by Mike Perry in Urban Outfitters which i thought  would be appropriate. The Book has 30 pages of illustrations drawn by Mike Perry, which you can cut out and and transfer on to materials such as T-shirts, Pillow cases, Handacheifs etc.

Read more to see how my present making ordeal went.

From working with Kieran for 4 months, I know just how much he hates the effect drop shadow. I felt this could be a great basis for my present. So using a few pages from the book I began to cut away.

Once I cut the letters out i placed them where I wanted them to print on the shirt.

So far everything was going pretty well until the iron came into play. I placed a tea towel over the letters so they wouldn’t move about ( this did not work). I also should have placed something in between the T-shirt to stop the transfer going through, not only onto the back of the T-shirt, but also staining the table. It didn’t only stain the table, but also burnt the dam thing (this was due to Ben’s advice of ‘nah mate, just keep it on there’).

Well as you can see the shirt didn’t  turn out how I expected, however it’s Christmas and it’s the thought that counts. At Least Kieran has 28 pages left in the book  to burn/stain as many kitchen tables as he likes. Merry Xmas!


2 Responses to “T-table transfer”

  1. Alex Says:

    oh shit……….
    i do love shad tho

  2. Sofi Says:

    FAIL! 😛

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