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So on Christmas Eve I finished my placement with Honey Creative after a two and a half month stint. I really enjoyed my time there, and as I have said before have always been given interesting and challenging things to do! And importantly enjoyed the people around the studio!

I was kept busy, learnt alot about clients and how to fit the design around them, and learning what is possible and what isnt possible. Learning how to get your design to fit preexisting cutters, using company fonts and things is all interesting. I also got to see projects from stage one to sign off, doing the research to finally seeing Duncan the artworker put it together…
I also learnt quite a bit about marketing from Nick, from the internet (blogs, twitter) to real life (pop up shops etc).

However not all went well….after a few weeks at Honey my world was shattered. I received a harrowing phone call…

Ben would be joining me at Honey for two weeks… this was horrific news…

It wasnt and infact he stayed for 6 weeks or so and will be going back after Xmas!
The only problem was the look alike confusion, for instance one designer wondered why I had come back for an interview even though I had been working there for a month.
And alot of people got us mixed up or messed our names up….
but we had a good laugh….and by the time my stint at Honey had finished I had managed to get the Creative Director to call him Benny which was cool.

In the end we didnt work together very often but we did work on one project together that will hopefully be in shops soon enough which will be cool.

I am now off to Ziggurat for 3 months starting on the 4th, but hope to go back to Honey in May. Looking forward to working at Ziggurrat and have heard good things…but always a bit nervy when starting somewhere new I guess!
Anyway on we go….also Happy New Year and all that jazz

Heres some photos of the studio etccc


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