Brick Lane and onwards


This weekend another UcLan placement student Megan visited us for the weekend, so we decided to go out an about and have a look at Shoreditch/Brick Lane. Which I hadn’t been to before. I have been told about the pretentious nature of the people in Shoreditch… and Brick Lane. Lots of vintage clothes shops, art galleries and knock off banksy t-shirts. I didnt much like alot of it. BUT there was some amazing graffiti and interesting typography around and about.

We came across an abandoned back yard that would be great for band and fashion photography as a setting I would have thought. And everywhere you looked someone had put there mark on it. Im not an expert in graffiti, but most of what I saw, I liked alot.

We walked all the way down Brick Lane, to Aldgate. And then found ourselves in the tourist hotspots of Tower of London, Tower Bridge and then a little later St Pauls. Whilst nippin over the water to Borough Market (for the second time in 3 weeks). Watched a match box scammer outside the globe theatre, and also went over the Millenium Bridge.

So all in all a good day had by all! Slowly we are starting to cover the majority of this massive city.

Check out the photos.


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