Click ‘n’ Fold


“Goodbye Granny shopping trolleys of old, say hello to the Travelon Click ‘n’ Fold…

Not enough arms for all your shopping? Just had an operation on your shoulder? Or had a fall in your warden controlled flat. Then the Click ‘n’ Fold is perfect for you.

The light-weight frame gives the trolley that low cost feel. And the crispy 98% synthetic bag attachment isn’t just sore to touch but luminous to look at.

The Click ‘n’ Fold comes with 4″ rims, a plastic handle stronger than most paper equivalent, a keenness to lean over to one side and a loud squeak on all forward movements. You will wonder how you ever went shopping before.”

Not the official advertisement. But whilst I have been working at Ziggurat I have become familiar with the supermarkets of London. For meetings, audits etc we need certain food items that have been designed. Most the time these are packets of  crisps or on one occasion a walk through Camden to get hold of some sausages.

However the other week we needed all varieties a bottled fruit juice drink that Ziggurat had designed. So the creative director said it would be best for me to get a shopping trolley to carry them from the supermarket to a taxi. The above trolley was the answer to all my problems.
Admittedly I enjoyed the initial use of it, however soon enough I have realized the downside to shopping trolleys, aside from looking slightly camp, the constant squeak it began to make drew more attention than I liked. Still did the job and an interesting story to tell.


2 Responses to “Click ‘n’ Fold”

  1. Mark Says:

    Al your really good at putting your posts under categories aren’t you!

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