As we are doing a pants job of keeping the blog up to date Ruth has decided to contribute as well!

Hey, I am doing Graphic Design with the boys and am on placement as well. I am currently working at The Chase Preston and I am really enjoying it. The Chase do a lot of work for M&S money along with Places for People and others, they also do a lot of work for charities when they can.

I have been there since August last year and it is looking like I will be staying for the full 12 months. The people are really nice and are teaching me a lot. One of my favorite pieces of work since starting at the Chase has been the identity for a charity called Merseystride who make and sell refurbished flat-pack furniture. The company was set-up to give opportunities the disadvantaged, giving them a job helping refurbish and mend the furniture before resell.

They asked us to create an identity and instore displays to highlight all the good work that they do. I was set the task along with Andy Mairs to create a wall of boxes designed by Karen (Senior Designer at the Chase). During the making process I did a lot of stencil cutting and spray painting amongst other things. Once created we took the wall of boxes down to Tim Ainsworth’s studio in Manchester to be shot in detail, see below for photos of the final thing that has been entered into numerous awards this year!


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