We did not die…


..we just havent done anything new.

We have sorta brought the blog to a crashing holt, but really not alot has happened.

To illustrate this I have written up a list of all the exciting things that have happened in the last 2 weeks.

  • Last Saturday Ben returned from his month long Bolton break.
  • Matt sang Karaoke THREE TIMES
  • The kitchen table Coffee burnt in his iron on transfer debacle was masterly repaired by Matt.
  • The bathroom and landing bulbs blew. The bathroom bulb has been replaced by Matt (he is handy). Landing is yet to be replaced.
  • Coffee acquired a pretty sweet chair from outside the brothel (tbc) round the corner.
  • I won something (I will get back to you on this later)
  • We ran out of Washing Up liquid, this has now been replaced.
  • I discovered I like pork scratchings.

I know pretty insane. London really does keep us busy.

Oh Andy B visited us last week! Which actually is worth blogging about!

My last day today at Ziggurat, il do a bit on that very soon.



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