Spaghetti stuff


So a while back I posted about my NYC Spaghetti being on The Dieline.

At a similar time I also entered it into their awards that they had just started up this year.

Anyway this was in September/October last year, but in March I got an email from Andrew Gibbs the founder of The Dieline, telling me I had come 2nd in one of their categories. Good news! However this meant I had to send 3 samples of the packaging to America for the awards ceremony. Quite a worry seeing as I hadnt made the boxes up since uni last year. And then it was made for ‘photography’ not to be picked up and examined! That level of craftsmanship would not have done!

At the time I was working at Ziggurat and luckily for me they gave me the time to do it and some valuable tips on how to remake it. Getting my measurements right etc etc! So I am very appreciative of that!

It took probably in all about 2-3 weeks to sort out and finish the boxes off!

I photographed it all through the process. And finally got the packaging off to America about 3 weeks ago. Yesterday the ceremony was held in Chicago and they announced the winners on their site. Check out my bit here.

And here are some photos of the making process so have a gander.

All good and was nice to have won something with it!

Take it easy!


2 Responses to “Spaghetti stuff”

  1. Billy Says:

    Well done Alex. BTW I wish you Ben, Mark & Matt all the best (and the rest of your entourage). I won’t be in the UK anymore to see you when you return from London Town. But keep in touch! B.

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