What a Pick Me Up


This weekend we had a nice little visit from fellow UCLAN student Megan. She recommended we all go to a Graphics Art Fair on the Saturday called Pick Me Up. I had no real idea about it. But me, Megan, Mark, Ben and Sofi went to see what it was about.

From my point of view it was probably one of the most inspiring exhibitions/fairs I have been to whilst down in London. Infact if you had left there uninspired, you would probably be best putting your fine liners away now.

The fair was held in the lower floors of Somerset House. A pretty brilliant building that set off the work fantastically. Inside hundreds of prints were on show from all sorts of illustrators,  designers, and printers, most of which you could buy in limited numbers if you wanted!

Also on show was work from Print Club London, Evening Tweed and most impressively a working studio from Rob Ryan. Where him and his workers were hand cutting out a huge A1 design. I really liked the rough and ready look of his studio and himself!

I personally found the overall feel of the fair really interesting from our Degree Show perspective too. If we could get a small amount of the overall feel of Pick Me Up into our show, then we would be doing well! Anyway check out some of the photos! Well worth looking at some of the printers on show!


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