The Seed Cathedral


I think back in my Ziggurat days a design was mentioned for the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. Thousands of rods sticking out the side of the building done by a famous artist I was told. Doing my ‘dont want to look clueless’ thing, I smiled and nodded as A. I had never heard of the World Expo B. Had no idea what these pavilions were.

Anyway I went on The Big Picture today and saw they had a whole gallery of photos on the World Expo. With, that’s right, a huge building with lots of rods sticking out of it. Except this is amazing. In my head I saw a pavilion as a sort of craft fair stand at the NEC. Oh no. These ‘pavilions’ are huge.

The UK’s Pavilion is called the Seed Cathedral and was designed by Thomas Heatherwick. Here is the link to the Big Picture a video and the official site. An unusual but awesome building! I wont try and describe it just have a look at the photos.

I also found out more was spent on the Expo than the Beijing Olympics £4.2billion. The size of the Expo site is twice the size of Monaco and Shanghai expects 70 million visitors will attend the Expo.

So it turns out a World Expo is a pretty massive thing! Perhaps I should have known this, atleast I do now!

I would also like to say commiserations to the USA for borrowing an army air hanger as their Pavillion.


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