Walk Fatty Walk & TED


Saw this today, not in person, but on Its Nice That.

Anyway a series of labels have been stuck around the centre of London on the Bus information signs, specifically in the Oxford Street area. It is to encourage people to walk the length of a couple of stops instead of catching the bus. It was designed by London based design platform Three Green Dots.

“Walk fatty you might pass a cake shop”
“Walk your socks off you can always go buy some more”

Really nice idea, with a real use!

Check out the project here

Also every month or so Landor do a TED talks lunchtime. TED if you didnt know is all about “Ideas Worth Spreading”, they set up conferences and talks in America, the UK etc about Design, Business, Technology etc. And you can view them for free online.
The talks we had yesterday were really interesting, so interesting me, Matt and Mark watched one again in the evening. The talk was by Ogilvy vice Chairman Rory Sutherland. And I recommend you watch it and any others people have recommended! Opens your eyes!

Here is the link to the video we watched…well worth 19mins of your time!



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