Packaging Museum and Portobello Roadd


So we have been upto a few bits and bats recently that I havent posted. Firstly… we went to the museum of Packaging and Branding a few weeks ago just near Portobello Road…

As the standard Circle line weekend closures landed us in a bit of bother we finally made it to White Shitty…and I was shown the wonder that was the BBC Broadcasting house! After a bit of long walk we got to Portobello Road and met up with Ben Thorpe and his mate. I was excited to see Portobello Road having grown up with Bed Knobs and Broomsticks. I assumed parades and musical outbreaks were the norm. They were not! A pretty cool place with some pretty weird, but cool people as well. Anyway we grabbed some lunch then went off to the museum.

In my head I visioned an old ladies back room she had made into a museum, and although it probably started like that it was actually really well put together. You start off at the beginning in the 1800s and slowly walk through the to the millenium. The crafting and use of materials early on is brilliant, its straight to the point whilst looking beautiful. And even during the ratioend war time period when paper was at a minimum it still looks great.

Another amazing thing, is how long some products have been going on for. After you have walked through the decades of packaging there is a section of the museum dedicated to the evolution of brands. I.e. starting off with Nesquik chocolate powder nearly a hundred years ago…to what we see today! This is shown with Dairy Milk, Coke, cadburys milk tray etc etc. And in many ways I wonder if designers saw the history of the product they were designing they might think otherwise about sticking a cheeky rabbit on a tub of chocolate milk! Just saying…anyway check out the photos of the day.



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