So last year…we did a zine task! And if im honest…I didnt get it! I tried the first time….didnt get it…and tried harder the second.. but although better…it never really worked how I wanted! I wish I had been to this place before hand…

The annual Zine Symposium was held in the bowels of Brick Lane in a pretty shabby yet charming studio. Two big long rooms full of people, full of tables, full of zines. Insane!! The people there were, the ‘shoreditch crowd’ all vegans…and all wearing glasses… even if they had 20/20 vision. Im generalizing but you get the idea.

I get the idea of Zines now…its just…free. I think. It jus helps if your a bit on the perculiar side perhaps? A bit eccentric… I am that..but maybe it doesnt translate to Zines! I will keep trying though!

Not all of it was good though… at the end of the day.. if you have the balls to try and sell your zines, then anything goes. And some of it was pretty pants!

I prefered the things that weren’t so ‘out there’, something with a bit of structure. So I bought something that went along those philosophies! I will add that bit up later! These are things that I think living in London are all about!

Check out the photos… and fill your boots full of zines if you can…

P.S. On a side note…dont but zines from Magma if you can help it! They cost a bomb…these things cost a max £3…an that was the biggens!


2 Responses to “ZineFair”

  1. Matt Says:

    lesson 54 in design: always do a spell check!
    “dont but zines from Magma” … lol love u really al x

  2. Alex Says:

    it was a test..u passed! well done lol!

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