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Bye Bye Spaghetti..for now!

July 1, 2010

On Tuesday I went to the student D&AD awards at Old Spitalfields Market. Where my NYC Spaghetti was nominated for an award in the open brief category. (more…)



June 16, 2010

So last year…we did a zine task! And if im honest…I didnt get it! I tried the first time….didnt get it…and tried harder the second.. but although better…it never really worked how I wanted! I wish I had been to this place before hand…


Packaging Museum and Portobello Roadd

May 31, 2010

So we have been upto a few bits and bats recently that I havent posted. Firstly… we went to the museum of Packaging and Branding a few weeks ago just near Portobello Road… (more…)

Walk Fatty Walk & TED

May 13, 2010

Saw this today, not in person, but on Its Nice That.

Anyway a series of labels have been stuck around the centre of London on the Bus information signs, specifically in the Oxford Street area. It is to encourage people to walk the length of a couple of stops instead of catching the bus. It was designed by London based design platform Three Green Dots.


An online portfolio fit for a novice

May 9, 2010

About 3 years ago I did a beginners guide course to Dreamweaver. And as it is always the way three years on I had forgotten it all.
But a while a go my Dads cousin bought me a domain name and finally I put a website behind that domain name.

So here is the link

The Seed Cathedral

May 4, 2010

I think back in my Ziggurat days a design was mentioned for the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. Thousands of rods sticking out the side of the building done by a famous artist I was told. Doing my ‘dont want to look clueless’ thing, I smiled and nodded as A. I had never heard of the World Expo B. Had no idea what these pavilions were.


What a Pick Me Up

May 3, 2010

This weekend we had a nice little visit from fellow UCLAN student Megan. She recommended we all go to a Graphics Art Fair on the Saturday called Pick Me Up. I had no real idea about it. But me, Megan, Mark, Ben and Sofi went to see what it was about.


Spaghetti stuff

April 16, 2010

So a while back I posted about my NYC Spaghetti being on The Dieline.

At a similar time I also entered it into their awards that they had just started up this year.


FWA People choice website 2009

April 13, 2010

Labuat is a Spanish music band, formed in 2008. In 2009, Labuat released their debut album, with a single called “Soy tu aire”, which translates to “I’m your air”. There idea was to create a website for the single so that you could create your own music video. This got the accolade of People Choise website 2009 FWA (also a brilliant website and design tool).

Although it is in Spanish, roughly translated the opening paragraph means …

…’I’m your air’ is a song filled with many orchestras instruments and a voice of truth and lies. And we wanted to give you something you could move with the song. A brush because ‘I’m your air’ here is painted in the air. Move your cursor wherever you want, during the song. When finished you can view your recorded video and your own work and playback…

This is a beautifully crafted and designed website and really deserves 5 minutes of your time, click here to create yours.

Olives & Wine

April 6, 2010

Boys and Girls, I have made my own blog so everybody can see what I am up to. From friends to design (mainly design), the site just documents any work I am doing, know of, or who is doing what that i think is interesting.

Check it out